About nowopenart

About nowopenart


nowopenart.net is Galerie Jean-Louis Ramand’s online platform. It offers works to acquire mainly at moderate formats and prices. We present artists of the gallery and artists from other fields through a specific collaboration.

The offered works are unique or in limited edition whose artistic line is coherent with the one of the Gallery Jean-Louis Ramand. A guideline built and followed since the creation of the gallery in 2014.

Why an online platform?

Despite changes in the art market, high quality physical exhibitions are still essential to our business as an art gallery. With the constant increase in the number of distant orders for works, it seemed important and natural to adapt to these new changes and to open up to the digital channel. And thus offer artists additional promotion in parallel to our physical exhibitions in gallery and fairs. Moreover, the digital channel makes it easier for art lovers and discerning collectors to acquire works of art easily, wherever they may be.

Galerie Jean-Louis Ramand is a member of the “Comit√© Professionnel des Galerie d’Art (CPGA)”. It therefore adheres to the code of ethics issued by the CPGA (available on the CPGA website)

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