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If Jean Philippe Roubaud creates his work with a technical virtuosity, close to classical academism, he is no less a witness of his time, of which he draws the semantic diversity.

Jean-Philippe Roubaud’s work is marked by a simple but essential style : the choice of graphite, powder and pencils on paper, is based on a sparing use of the medium that leaves plenty of scope for the underlying questions. The medium itself has a strong historical background, being the means of expression of human beings since the earliest times. If the artist’s work is based on drawing, it is because it allows him to mix mediums indirectly. Free to use imagination and reality, to assemble or interpret in order to create an image, drawing brings together opposites.

The artist is a witness to his time, as well as to the historical influences that have influenced him. It is his task to stage them, to organise them according to his own scenario.

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